Sim2 Domino 80

The DOMINO D80E is the flagship of the SIM2’s DOMINO home theatre projector series. Based on the award-winning D80 model, this ‘Evolution’ version builds on the outstanding performance of the impressive original.

The “Evolution” enhancement of the D80E makes great use of a sophisticated technology originally developed for use in SIM2’s Grand Cinema series’ models, namely Unishape™ lamp technology. When used in conjunction with BrilliantColor™ colour enhancement, the millisecond-precision of the dynamic Unishape™ lamp system takes the performance of D80E to an altogether higher level. With a wider, more vivid colour palette on offer, along with improved contrast and increased light output.

This Full HD specification home theatre projector utilizes Texas Instruments’ DarkChip3™ 0.95" 1080p DLP® (1920 x 1080 pixel resolution) chipset in its design, this is integrated into SIM2’s patented ALPHAPATH™ light engine to deliver outstanding high definition images on-screen. The D80E also enables standard definition sources to be reproduced at 1080p resolution, thanks to sophisticated 10-bit video processing electronics.

The DOMINO D80E is compatible with all video standards (including 1080p@24fps) and offers a wide choice of both analogue and digital source inputs, including HDCP compliant HDMI, making it eminently suitable for use with today’s HD devices.

Available in either Matte Black or Matte White cabinet colour.

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Installation and User Manual

AC power cords (EU, UK and USA) 6.6 ft (2m)

Remote control and batteries


*Lamp life: the hours quoted have been measured in a lab under ideal test conditions. Lamp life varies depending on usage conditions and the surrounding environment. This is an average value that cannot be guaranteed and is not protected by warranty. The DLP® logo and DLP® medallion are trademarks of Texas Instruments.



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Standard Matte White or Matte Black