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הטורנס TD-160HD הינו פיתוח מודרני של ה- TD-160 האגדי של טורנס.

מיוצר כמו ה-TD-350, עם בסיס עבה וכבד מצופה עץ.

הפלטה האקרילית שלו נותנת לו דימוי רטרו, על גביה מונחת צלחת הבנויה ממרכיבים של שעם, גומי הודי ופולימרים, המאפשרת תנועה חלקה ושקטה של התקליטים.

זוהי אומנם תפיסה מסורתית, אך הטכנולוגיה וחדשנות החומרים מהם הוא בנוי עושים את ההבדל.

דגם זה הינו בין הפטיפונים המבוקרים והטובים בעולם!

This record player is a further development of the legendary TD 160. Do not be deceived however by the plain, classic design of the TD 160 HD because numerous new components and innovative materials are taking care that the TD 160 HD sounds much bigger indeed than its compact dimensions would imply. Its purist appearance leaves no doubt that only the best sonic performance was of paramount importance. A real understatement, nevertheless.

The construction of the TD 160 HD is based on a progressively dampening sub-chassis owing to the newly developed compound suspension elements. This would also facilitate the use of uni-pivoted tonearms. The one-piece platter is made from acrylic material and driven by a belt at its underside, yet without the need of a sub-platter. The platter mat, a blend of cork, India rubber and polymers, has antistatic properties and ensures the optimal coupling of the record to the platter. The TD 160 HD features a base plate, tonearm platform and feet made from RDC, a very special compound of micro-granules, which provides outstanding resonance dampening throughout. The further developed electronic motor control prevents the synchronous motor from running hot, in particular when subject to extensive operation.

Best Turntable over £1000 by WHAT HiFi:

"Great turntable and arm package.

Match with a good cartridge and you have one of the very best record players at this price level."

'Great timing, very capable detailing of sound, and a subtlety that works wonders, easy to use'

(What Hi-Fi Ultimate Guide to High End Entertainment 2008)

'One for the minimalists, this turntable is a no-frills workhorse that will play your discs with no fuss - just incredible sonic clarity'

(What Hi-Fi Ultimate Guide to High End Entertainment 2008)

Product of the Year 2008 by hi-fi+ magazine:

"A classic in every sense of the word."

'Am I really suggesting that the 160 is a viable alternative to a fully loaded Linn? I don’t know, not having heard the latest LP12, but I’m confident that the Thorens will give any of the previous Linn incarnations a run for their money. Yes, the TD160HD really is that good. In fact, this Thorens has to represent one of the biggest analogue bargains of all time. Given the dedicated following that still clings to the Linn and the stratospheric price rises on that product, let alone all the analogue newbies and born-agains, the TD160HD could (and should) be the most significant analogue product launched in the UK this year. Suddenly, being sensible seems almost… sensible!'

(Hi-Fi+ magazine)

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