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שתי פלטות עץ עבות סוגרות ביניהן פלטת פלדה בעובי 15 מ"מ

במשותף, הן מספקות בסיס איתן המונע כל תהודה.

צלחת מסגסוגת אלומיניום בחריטה ייחודית,

בעובי 24 מ"מ במשקל 4 ק"ג הנעה על גבי מיסב שקט וייחודי.

רגלי אלומיניום בדחיסת פולימר

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המחיר שלנו 15000 ש"ח

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מערכת הנעת רצועה

מנוע: בקרה אלקטרונית מלאה מסנכרן AC

מהירויות: 33, 45

שינוי מהירויות: אלקטרוני

פלטה: 300 מ"מ, 4 ק"ג – נטולת מגנטיות

זרוע: - TP-300

יחידת בקרת מהירות חיצונית >

משקל: 21 ק"ג

State of the art The chassis is made of 19mm thick high density wood.

This is flexibly bonded to a 15mm thick steel plate and a second 19mm thick wood plate.

The newly invented sandwich is so much better than ordinary construction in signal behavior and resonance absorption that you will immediately hear the difference.

The steel plate has precision laser made cut outs to make sure that no magnetic distortion influences the audio signal.

Standing on 3 polymer-damped adjustable feet that are also height adjustable, the chassis is decoupled and isolated from the mounting surface.

The Thorens silent run bearing is made of 2 sinter bushes with a polished stainless steel axle running inside.

The tungsten ball at the end is running on a self lubricating and absolute maintenance free bearing point.

The low noise AC-motor is supplied from an electronic motor drive unit.

The output signal is generated completely independent from the mains power.

With this you get much better wow/flutter and virtually no distortion from the mains power source.

The 4 kg, 24mm thick platter is made of aluminium with a damping coating on the back side.

To avoid any vibration it is belt driven. The new TD 850 comes with a Thorens TP 300 with VTA mounted.

SPECS:Drive System: Thorens Belt drive Motor:

Fully electronically regulated AC-Synchronius motor Speed: 33, 45 rpm Speed Select:

electronically Platter: 300 mm / 4 kg, non magnetic Tonearm: Thorens TP 300 or TP 250 with VTA adjuster Antiskating:

magnetic Automatik: none Switch off: none Capacity of signal leads: 120 pF Power Supply:

Electronically regulated Power Supply for AC Motor.

Dimensionsn (wxdxh): 420 x 330 x 175 mm Weight: 21 kg Colors available:

Aluminium, black Technical alterations without prior notice.

The measured values for wow and flutter,

rumble and signal-to-noise ratio of all Thorens turntables are actually so low and insignificant that we decided not to publish them.

"The more I examined this new 46-lb 'table, the less it looked like your dad's Thorens...Setting up the Thorens 850 was a snap...

I put a test record on and checked the speed accuracy with a hertz-reading voltmeter.

Perfect. Then I listened through a stethoscope and found the 850's plinth to be absolutely free of motor-induced noise and vibrations...

Bottom line: The 850 runs at the right speed, with no motor-noise leakage in a one-piece design, and features ultra-effective damping.

Impressive...When I played Acoustic Sounds' 45rpm version of Count Basie's 88 Basie Street,

the Thorens-Garrott beat any CD player I've heard...

What I can tell you is that the Thorens 850 is a solid piece of work, and a hell of a turntable for ($2,199).

It's smartly designed, well-built, and has the dynamic 'pop,' musical grip, image focus, and excitement I crave from vinyl."

- Michael Fremer, Stereophile, February 2004

"The TD 850 was the Rolls Royce of the three, giving a stately and unfazed rendition of any LP played on it.

This is the kind of deck which shows the gateway to real high-end vinyl playback.

Stereo Images were very stable in space, giving the sense that everything was secure in place with no hint of uncertainty in thatpositioning.

Pitch stability was also the deck´s strength, showing a sense of timing that may be familiar to LP 12 owners."

HiFi News November 2003


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