PrimaLuna ProLogue Two

ממגברי המנורות המפורסמים בעולם

עם 4 מנורות KT88

* Upgraded Solen capacitors made in France . The result is an even better midband and wonderful clarity.

* Fast Recovery Diodes. Resulting in increased definition and detail, especially when the music becomes complex.

* KT88 Output Tubes. We use the current production copy of the legendary Genalex KT88.

The tube sounds wonderful, with tremendous body and punch, while still giving you the warmth and humanity from an all-tube amplifier.

The prologue Two can also use EL-34 tubes if desired.

* Soft-start circuit Extends component and tube life by powering up the amp gently every time you turn it on.

* Tube plate fuse Protects the amplifier output stage.

Other amps may need a trip to the shop if a tube fails. Not this one. Just plug in a new tube and fuse, and go.

* Adaptive AutoBias Exclusive to PrimaLuna, this circuit monitors and adjusts bias automatically.

Each power tube is monitored to stay in a peak operating range. Improved performance and better sound,

with distortion reduced by 40% to 50% over conventional designs.

No need for matched tubes. No bias adjustments. Ever.

It also allows you to experiment with different power tubes. Plug in virtually any power tube.

Adaptive AutoBias will automatically adjust itself! In addition to KT88s,

you can use 6550, KT90, EL-34, KT77, 6CA7, 6L6GC, KT66, 7581, or even 6V6GT tubes, and any of their equivalents.

* Custom designed output transformers Encapsulated low hum, wide bandwidth for great bass and extended highs.

Designed by Marcel Croese and one of the most prestigious transformer designers in the USA.

* Premium parts . Fully vented chassis, chassis-mounted ceramic tube sockets,

Alps potentiometer, Nichicon and Solen capacitors. WBT style speaker terminals. Gold plated input jacks.

* Hand made with the finest point to point wiring,

with workmanship equal to or better than any product you can buy at any price, period.

* Chassis made of finely finished heavy gauge steel, and five step automotive quality finish.

Each coat hand rubbed and polished. Removable tube cage included no charge.

* Toroidal power transformer for low hum, and a front end that is dead quiet.

* Conservative design runs tubes easy for long life.


Output: 40 watts x 2

Freq. Response: 20Hz-30kHz +/- .5dB

THD: Less than 1% at full power

S/N Ratio: 89 db

Input Sensitivity: 300mV

Power Consumption: 300 watts

Dimensions: 11 " x 7.5 " x 15.5" (WxHxD)

Weight: 37.5 lbs

Inputs: 4 pair RCA

Outputs: 4 & 8 Ohm speaker taps

Tube Compliment: 2 - 12AX7, 2 - 12AU7, 4 - KT88

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