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Analog High Fidelity

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עולה 18.000 ש"ח

המחיר שלנו 15000 ש"ח

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תוצרת גרמניה

Thorens' more than 100 years of knowledge in turntable manufacturing lead to this highlight. And what a highlight it is!

The TD 2010 is made with the most up-to-date manufacturing technology and the latest tools in research and development.

The chassis is made of 25-mm polished acrylic and the platter is a more than 4 kg heavy polished piece of aluminum with a backside coating for vibration damping.

The external motor is supplied by a state-of-the-art motor drive unit.

The new inverted silent run bearing is also an integral part of Thorens' design philosophy.

This bearing runs dry without any maintenance during its entire lifetime. With its technical features and outstanding design, the TD 2010 is a timeless masterpiece.

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