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בסיס מורכב ממארז עץ מלא

מערכת הנעת רצועה

מנוע: בקרה אלקטרונית

מהירויות: 33, 45

שינוי מהירויות: אלקטרוני


עולה 6.900 ש"ח

המחיר שלנו 6200 ש"ח

מוצר חדש, אחריות לשנה

אפשרות לתשלומים בכרטיס אשראי

צלחת מסגסוגת אלומיניום בחריטה ייחודית

304 מ"מ, 2.3 ק"ג – נטולת מגנטיות

אוטומציה: ידני

זרוע: THORENS – TP 41

ראש לפטיפון: – OMB 10 ORTOFON


Substantial and Stable Classic Design

The two-speed Thorens TD295 MK III turntable aptly proves that technique, sound, and aesthetics can all come together at an affordable price. Its classic design is based on the tried and trusted Thorens technical heritage, and recognized by rave reviews worldwide.

"The TD 295 MK III is a substantial and stable record playing platform, with excellent speed performance and very good noise isolation," marvels Charles Hansen in the January 2004 issue of audioXpress.

Elegant and Graceful

The elegant and graceful appearance of the TD295 MKIII conveys a sure feeling of relaxation and quietness. And you can also experience the same qualities when listening to your favorite LPs.

A real wood mahogany exterior with a high-density MDF wood fiber base provides a solid, resonance free platform for the low noise Thorens bearing system and a 5 lb., non-magnetic, precision-machined fiber material platter.

Semi-Automatic Operation

The AC synchronous motor is coupled to the platter with a Thorens precision belt drive system reducing noise and vibration transfer to the music. The TP40 tone arm features a photo sensor automatic shut off system preventing unintended stylus wear when the music ends.

"Brought Out All the Fine Detail"

"The turntable itself was completely free of rumble, flutter, and wow," reports audioXpress. "The TD 295 MK III brought out all the fine details in instruments such as brushed cymbals, triangles, acoustic guitar, strings, and the woody tone of the acoustic bass. Separation between instruments was very good and the soundstage was wide and stable."

Included with the TD295 MK III is an AT 95E ($79 retail value) phono cartridge, which Stereophile and many British magazines have consistantly rated a "Best Buy". In Stereophile "Recommended Components" Michael Fremer reports the AT 95 E "makes music for fifty bucks".

תוצרת גרמניה

כיבוי: מכני

אספקת מתח: ספק כח חיצוני AC

משקל: 8.5 ק"ג גימורים: לבן, שחור, מהגוני

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