High-End CD player made in Denmark

Dual mono dacs 24bit

aluminum chassis

XLR balanced outputs

the S500 Compact Disc player.

Centred on a 24-bit Crystal Semiconductor D/A converter, the design is fully modular, allowing for easy upgrading in the event of future design improvements.

A five-pole output filter is employed together with all-discrete Class A circuitry.

AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital outputs are provided.

Again much effort has been expended on the power supply which features independent regulators for the digital, analogue and servo circuits.

Control features show an absence of what NAD regards as "frivolous" extras, so that the fascia has just four control buttons.

Remote control is either via the supplied remote handset or the S70. The S500 costs 1850 €

"A great little player with excellent performance and sleek looks. Highly recommended"



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