Esoteric P700 Transport+Benchmark DAC

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Esoteric VRDS P700 CD Transport

טרנספורט מפורסם עם מכניזם VRDS האגדי מס' 4 ייחודי הנועל גם מחלקו העליון

התפיסה של VRDS ידועה בלחץ שהיא תופסת את הדיסק למניעת ויברציות ותנודה בלחץ של 1.5 טון ומורידה הרבה מהעומס שיש לעינית לעשות פוקוס כל הזמן

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Benchmark DAC-1 Digital-to-Analog Converter + Headphone

A Stereophile "Product of the Year"

"You can't find much more in the way of a high-end audio bargain than the Benchmark DAC1." - Stereophile, December 2004

Professional Quality, Jitter-Immune 24-bit DAC

The DAC1 is designed for maximum transparency and is well suited for critical playback in studio control rooms and in mastering rooms. This is a professional-quality, two-channel 192-kHz, 24-bit audio digital-to-analog converter. It accepts up to 192 kHz and downsamples to 110 kHz. The DAC1 features Benchmark’s UltraLock technology. The UltraLock system is 100% jitter immune, making the DAC1 ideal for critical applications where only the highest level of performance will do.

Stereophile was so impressed with the Benchmark, the December 2004 issue named the DAC1 as a "Product of the Year." According to the magazine, "The Benchmark's measured performance is at least as good, if not better than, the best high-end designs. Its use of a high-performance sample-rate converter chip ahead of its DAC chip means that its rejection of work-clock jitter is about as good as it gets, allowing it to be used, say, to wrest high-end sound from a cheap DVD player."

No Design Shortcuts

No shortcuts were taken in the implementation of the DAC1. The D/A conversion clock is totally isolated from the AES/EBU digital audio clocks in a topology that outperforms two-stage PLL designs. A fully digital de-emphasis circuit supports 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz sample rates and is automatically enabled in response to the source signal.

The quality design and construction is evident in the performance. "The sonics of the Benchmark DAC-1 are very refined and listenable, and it is a winner at this price," reports Bascom King in Volume 11, Issue 1 of The Audiophile Voice.

Built-In Headphone Amplifier

Benchmark’s new professional quality HPA2TM headphone amplifier drives two 1/4” headphone jacks. The HPA2TM is a high-current amplifier that is capable of driving a wide variety of headphone loads while achieving less than 0.0003% distortion under load.

The gain control sets the output level of the headphone jacks. It can also be used to control the output level of the balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA analog outputs. A rear-panel switch selects Variable or Calibrated output levels.

Soft Mute Circuitry Eliminates 'Pops'

The DAC1 performs gracefully in the presence of errors and interruptions at the digital audio inputs. A soft mute circuit eliminates pops when a digital signal is applied. Power management circuitry controls the muting and resetting of all digital circuits upon removal and application of power. Muting is only enabled upon loss of power, or when digital transmission errors occur. The DAC1 does not mute when the input data is all zeros. Consequently, no audio is lost when an audio transient follows full silence.

Automatically Determines Sample Rate

Not sure what sampling rate to use with a particular source component? The DAC1 will operate even when sample rate status bits are set incorrectly. Sample rate is determined by measuring the incoming signal. Lack of sample rate status bits or incorrectly set status bits will not cause loss of audio.

Three digital inputs (balanced XLR, coaxial, and optical) are provided and are selected from the front panel. All inputs accept either professional or consumer formats.

A Short Signal Path

The DAC1 is designed to interface directly to power amps and powered studio monitors in order to provide the cleanest and shortest path from digital to monitor output. 20 dB pads are provided for interfacing to studio monitors having high input sensitivity.

הממיר המפורסם במצב חדש

The sonics of the Benchmark DAC-1 are very refined and listenable, and it is a winner at this price."

"At some point in the proceedings, I took some measurements of the DAC-1 in my lab and was most impressed with the results. Dynamic range with a 24-bit test signal was about 110 dB, and the amount of distortion rise with frequency was exceptionally low."

"In conclusion, the DAC-1 is a nicely made, good-performing and good-sounding unit that is likely to provide owners with a lot of very enjoyable music. I surely did enjoy its stay with me."

- Bascom King, The Audiophile Voice, Volume 11, Issue 1

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