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נצילות גבוה של 90.5 dB והתנגדות ריאלית של 6 אום

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Whether the principal loudspeakers in a stereo music system, or the main left and right loudspeakers in a multichannel surround system,

the Concerta F12 serves impeccably with Revel’s signature timbral accuracy and astonishing dynamic range.

The svelte cabinet occupies less than one square foot of floor space, yet the F12 produces a broad and expansive stage along with an explosive dynamic range with a four driver,

three-way design that incorporates Revel’s Organic Ceramic Composite (OCC) diaphragm technologies.

Low frequencies, all the way down to the lowest registers at an impressive 28 Hz (-10 dB), are reproduced by a pair of die-cast frame OCC 8-inch cone woofers which are equipped with high current voice coils, distortion-reducing butyl rubber surrounds and flat high excursion spiders.

The essential midrange frequencies are reproduced by a 5¼-inch driver featuring a die-cast frame and OCC cone to eliminate coloration from resonances.

For transparency and delicacy, the highest frequencies emanate from the 1-inch OCC dome tweeter that is housed within the CAI-optimized waveguide assembly, which provides both optimum dispersion as well as increased dynamic range. This carefully optimized dispersion precisely matches the 5¼-inch midrange, resulting in unprecedented seamlessness and coherency.

The tweeter’s neodymium magnetic assembly features an under-hung coil which ensures linearity and low distortion.

Internally, the F12’s thick MDF cabinetry is substantially braced for additional rigidity, and the steep slope, high order crossover features the industry’s tightest 3% tolerance components for outstanding consistency and matching with the design reference standard.

The F12 is equipped with bi-amp capability.

All of the F12 drivers are magnetically shielded to allow placement near a CRT video display.

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Filters (crossover)

In-room Frequency Response

Low Frequency Extension



90.5dB SPL with 2.83V @ 1m (4 pi anechoic)

6 Ohms (nominal)

Three-way, high-order @ 575Hz and 3.0kHz

±1.0dB from 58Hz to 18kHz

-10dB @ 28Hz

-6dB @ 40Hz

-3dB @ 52Hz

height: 42.3" (107.4cm) including feet

width: 9.75" (24.8cm)

depth: 14.3" (36.3cm) including grille

Spikes add 1.5" (3.81cm) to height

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