Sunfire - High Resolution Series - HRS-8 Subwoofer

דגם HRS-8 של חברת Sunfire האמריקאית שייך לסדרת High Resolution

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אלמנט בקוטר של 8" בסה"כ

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מפרט מלא על כל סדרת HRS

קטלוג עוד ביקורת מאתר

Adam Rayner boggles at the absurd might of Bob Carver’s tiny subwoofer

Meet Kid Kong

Bob Carver, the founder of audio brand Sunfi re, is a legend in rock ‘n’ roll circles for his amazing amplifi ers.

On a really big tour, the amps Bob developed could save an entire truck load of stuff, so much more compact-for thekilowatts were his amp racks.

His Sunfi re amp technology has been available for the public to buy in various forms for a while – now it’s moved into the world of subwoofers and arrived in Blighty.

What we have here is possibly the most incredible manifestation of Carver’s compactness.

It’s no surprise when a 12in woofer driven by a 1000W amp de-bones you, frightens the cat and rattles the china plates in another room.

On the other hand, a mere 8in woofer driver that can even eat a kilowatt is amazing,

and the fact that it can fi t into a box this small (painted a pretty white, but you can get them in glossy black, too) is just boggling.

Sunfire’s HRS-8 is a small potato that behaves like a mighty spud; its sound is huge, fat, deep and melodic.

Don’t be fooled by its domesticated looks, though: this subwoofer has some professional levels of control.

Consider the lovely full-sweepable phase knob on the rear of the HRS-8.

This is unheard of on such a tiny woofer, where you nearly always just get a simple 0-180˚ out-of-phase fl ipper switch.

The HRS-8 should be considered far more likely to be tuneable to your room, once you’ve put it where it seems it must go.

Performance-wise, it didn’t drop fl at to the mad 15Hz Planet Suite: Mars tones on my reference 5.1 Telarc recording, but there actually was some discernible feeling in there.

There’s an element of the laws of physics limiting the sub’s ultimate level, but that’s an understandable minor quibble.


Small, powerful and sexy – this Sunfir subwoofer earns its Best Buy status with ease.

And anyone who wants even more bass could always plump for the 10- or 12in version!

➜ Specifications

Sunfire HRS-8

Drive Unit: 8in with extra large magnet and long throw

Enclosure: Sealed cubic

Frequency Response: 22Hz to 100Hz

On-Board Power: 1000W RMS, class A/B

Dimensions: 254(w) x 254(h) x 254(d)mm cube

Weight: 12.7Kg

Features: Twin sets of binding posts for speaker level in and out, and twin sets of gold-plated phono sockets for LFE in and outputs

Sunfire HRS-8

Seriously compact; designer looks; sophisticated controls; massive amplification


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