Proceed - PMDT Transport

טרנספורט CD וגם DVD ברמה גבוה מאוד {כולו בפנים מרק לווינסון}

בנוי לתפארת, מאסיבי ומושקע מאוד כולל חיבורי XLR

שוקל 20.5 ק"ג!

מוצר יד שניה מכשיר שמור מאוד

אפשרות החלפה / טרייד אין על כל מוצר אודיו תשקל בהתאם להצעה

The Proceed PMDT ($5995) is a modular DVD transport

claimed by Proceed to be the first DVD machine to address audio, video and user interface with equal emphasis on high performance in all areas.

For example, the power supply consist of a torroidal transformer with not two, but four separate secondary windings for its main power supply.

This gives many different stages within the unit more than ample power for high precision operation.

The PMDT is a digital audio transport and therefore has no analog audio outputs.

Instead, it reads DVD video discs (including the Chesky and Classic Records 24-bit/96 kHz music recordings)

plus the usual 16-bit/44.1kHz CD.

The transport is also compatible with Dolby Digital and DTS.

With hardware and software changes, the PMDT can be reconfigured to read future DVD Audio discs.

The unit also includes a wireless remote control for all those comfy chair cowboys out there.

The operating software is dealer upgradeable through the built in RS-232 port.

The chassis is constructed of a seven-slot card-cage which allows for reconfiguration of the rear panel to address the user's changing needs.

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