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The two internal conductors are constructed of 7 strands made of a very high grade Matched Crystal (MC) OFC, densely coated with a thick layer of very pure silver and on the outside an extra layer of real 24 carat Gold.

At the MC - GOLD’s first introduction in 1985, our company was the world’s first with a 24 carat golden conductor.

In the MC - GOLD HYBRID we apply our HYBRID technology: over each centre conductor an extra Linear Structured Carbon ® (LSC) staturated layer is applied.

This extra layer of LSC again improves the quality of the signal transmission by performing electrical bridging on micro-scale and by converting the external magnetic field close to the conductors into an electrical signal again.

The resistance of each signal line is: 13.9 Ohm/100 meter and the resistance of the shielding is: 0.88 Ohm/100 meter.

The capacitance between the 2 signal lines is a very low: 59 pF/meter. This low value warrants that in high impedance working conditions (f.i. with anode output valve pre-amplifiers) the loss of bandwidth is very limited.

The internal conductor insulation is made of cell-PE, respectively coloured yellow and white.

In the MC - GOLD HYBRID, the signal return and the shielding function are kept separate. This gives a very strong improvement in the sonic quality. The use of 24 carat Gold in a great deal improves the chemical stability of the signal wires over many years of intensive use; this especially in tropical conditions. Therefore the MC - GOLD HYBRID’s sonic qualities are warranted over a very long period.

Also in unbalanced situations this cable is superior: the combined white and yellow line form the signal line and the combined shields function as the signal return.

The dielectric losses are very low because specially treated artificial fibres are used as a filler. These fibres are a perfect protection against losses caused by enlarged internal humidity. Especially in tropical conditions this is a very important factor.

The triple shielding consists of 2 helical layers with a total of 194 dense and very pure silver coated strands made of a very high grade of Matched Crystal (MC) OFC with an extra layer of LSC saturated tape in between.

The gold coloured outer jacket is made of HULLIFLEX ® which gives the cable a superb mechanical protection and exhibits a very high chemical stability.

The “ MC - GOLD HYBRID ” printing is made every 25 cm. (10"). This makes cutting of specific lengths very easy.

The diameter of the MC - GOLD HYBRID is 7.2 mm., perfectly matching our C - 7.3 high quality RCA type connectors.

The sound quality is of the highest audio-standard.

The MC - GOLD HYBRID is regularly used as a microphone cable in very critical recording situations.


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