Neat Acoustics - Motive 1

“an outstanding example of a top-quality compact floorstanding speaker”

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קומפקטים ואלגנטים למראה

סאונד גדול, הפרדת כלים פנטסטית, עם פוקוס מרכזי {ממש נעלמים}

באס רך נמוך ועמוק מאוד

מוזיקאליים ומפורטים, מאוד מתאימים למוזיקת ווקאל, אופרות, פופ, ולמי שמחפש תוצאה מרשימה בווליום נמוך עד בינוני

טוויטר של פוקל העובר מודיפיקציה של חברת Neat המייצר גבוהים קריסטליים מעודנים

פתח הבאס רפלקס נמצא בתחתית הרמקולים וככזה הבאס שלו מאוד עמוק ורך

הבאד יורד לטווח תדר דיי מדהים לרמקולים בגודל הזה

עם זוג אלמנטים של "6.5 היורדים ל 25Hz

מרשים ביותר!

Hi FI Choice

" impressively flat response is again confirmed under our measurement regime.

Equally remarkable is that such a compact speaker can deliver genuinely deep bass extension, registering around 0dB at 20Hz.

Given the above findings, it's no surprise to find a very superior neutrality high on the list of the Motive 1's positive attributes.

In fact, few other speakers can match it in this regard.

Neutral tonal balance and an unusually wide bandwidth are and excellent start for any speaker, but are by no means the whole story here.

The midband is exceptionally expressive and coherent, bringing unusual realism to individual voices.

And, while the presence band remains beautifully open and free from any nasal tendencies,

there's no tendency for this speaker to sound aggressive when the volume is wound up, which is an unusually clever trick.

The sound as a whole is agile and impressively free from any boxy colourations,

generating precise and well-focused stereo images that fill the space between the speaker without betraying the Motive 1's physical locations.

This speaker has the sort of agility and freedom from enclosure effects that one normally only associates with high-quality standmount designs.

This compact floorstander combines superb neutrality, fine open voicing, low coloration and out-of-box imaging with surprisingly good bass extension...

an outstanding example of a top-quality compact floorstanding speaker."

* New NMT tweeter, developed by Neat specially for the Motive range

* 134mm bass-mid drivers based on the Danish SDS platform

* Minimalist crossovers using the best quality components

* 15mm cabinets, internally braced and lined with bituminous damping pads

* Floorstanders are vented through the bass of the cabinet to minimise the effect of port noise

Although this is the taller of the two floorstanders in the Motive range,

the Motive 1 is nevertheless a compact and elegant model.

It will blend discreetly into your living room whilst its performance gives little away to larger and more expensive models.

Technical description

This loudspeaker uses a two and half-way configuration where the lower unit reproduces bass to underpin the full-range bass-mid driver.

The bass reflex port is fitted to the bottom panel of the cabinet and is vented through an outlet in the stylishly sculpted MDF plinth.

The tweeter is the outstanding unit used throughout the Motive range which features a huge magnet assembly and a 25mm inverted titanium dome.

This type of tweeter is usually only found in expensive high-end loudspeakers and is therefore an exceptional inclusion to the Motive designs.

In spite of the compact dimensions, the Motive One manages to accurately reproduce genuinely low bass notes with spacious and well-focussed stereo imagery.


Dimensions (HxWxD) 925/160/200mm

Footprint (WxD) 220/260mm

Weight 14Kg Each.

Shipping Weight: 35Kg pair

System type 2.5-way Reflex

Impedance 6 Ohms

Sensitivity 86 dB/1 watt

Bandwidth 25Hz - 30kHz


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למי שמעוניין להגדיל את הבאס, אפשרי לקרבם עד ל 10 ס"מ לקיר אחורי

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