Av2 - מוצרי אודיו וידאו מובחרים בהזדמנויות

לוח הזדמנויות ציוד סטריאו וקולנוע ביתי מובחר: קניה, תיווך ומכירה.
בכל מוצרי ההזדמנות אנו עוסקים רק במוצרים שמורים ובמצב טוב מאוד.
בין ההצעות: סטריאו וקולנוע ביתי יד שניה, מוצרים מתצוגה וחדשים לחלוטין.
הרכישה הינה בטוחה ואין עסקה במידה והמוצר אינו תקין/ פגום.

רוצה שנעזור לך למכור? צור עימנו קשר {ראה מידע בתחתית העמוד}.

לוח Av2 מציע
ARCAM ALPHA 8SE - Special Edition

בין הקומפקטים הטובים ביותר בזמנו
מכשיר שזכה לביקורות מאלפות בשל המוסיקאליות המדהימה שלו
There is more detail, depth and clarity than before. Music is simply more enjoyable!

Whilst sound quality is usually the main reason for choosing a hi-fi component, other factors, including ease of use, good looks, reliability and upgradeability, are also important. You will be reassured to know that the Arcam Alpha 8SE is a leader in all of these areas.

The front panel controls include pause, repeat, track skip, high speed search and 24-track programming.
The easy to read 8 digit display may be dimmed or even turned off, giving a small but audible improvement in sound quality.
A separate red LED (Light Emitting Diode), hidden behind the Arcam badge in the top left hand corner of the player, illuminates when an HDCD encoded disc is playing.
The smartly styled front panel matches other Arcam hi-fi, including our award winning integrated amplifiers.
The remote control handset includes useful extra functions such as 1-10 direct track access, shuffle, intro scan, A-B repeat and time remaining.
It also operates the volume controls on suitable Arcam remote ready amplifiers, such as the Alpha 8, 8R, 9, 10 and AV50.

Elsewhere Arcam has, as always, paid attention to detail where it counts.
The plug-in DAC module comprises a computer grade through-hole-plated fibreglass PCB, mounted on a custom aluminium extrusion to isolate it from unwanted vibration and electrical interference.
Audiophile specification components are used throughout.
Two pairs of gold plated phono sockets allow the Alpha 8SE to be connected simultaneously to your main hi-fi system and a multi-room distribution centre or second amplifier elsewhere in the house.
A precision (class 1) co-axial digital output is also provided for added flexibility.

"Explicit detail, good timing and a smooth easy-going presentation make this HDCD player an excellent all-rounder."
Best Buy - Hi-Fi Choice.
"Sounds spacious and tonally refined. Technically very well-equipped."
BBC Music Magazine.

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