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לוח הזדמנויות ציוד
סטריאו וקולנוע ביתי מובחר: קניה, תיווך ומכירה.
בכל מוצרי ההזדמנות אנו עוסקים רק במוצרים שמורים ובמצב טוב מאוד.
בין ההצעות: סטריאו וקולנוע ביתי יד שניה, מוצרים מתצוגה וחדשים לחלוטין.
הרכישה הינה בטוחה ואין עסקה במידה והמוצר אינו תקין/ פגום.
רוצה למכור את הרמקולים שלך? צור עימנו קשר {ראה מידע בתחתית העמוד}.

רמקולים המיוצרים בעבודת יד תוצרת ארה"ב
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2 רמקולי סראונד עם אלמנט "5 + טוויטר "1
דגם: SURR- 550 THX
http://www.dreamhomecinema.com/GEN/PROD ... R-550.html
אין שום דבר שיכול להוות תחליף או בר השוואה בסכום ובביצועים לרמקולים הללו!
סאונד דינאמי מפורט בצורה מדהימה מאוזן ומפוקס עם במה עצומה
חוויה מרטיטה בכל סרט!

The first question everyone asks is “Why does the Surround-550THX tweeter point away from the listener?”

The answer is M&K’s innovative High-Frequency Prism system.
The Surround-550THX’s stylish, high-tech heavy curved mesh metal grille combines with the 4.7 degree mounting angle of the tweeter and the Phase-Focused crossover to form the High-Frequency Prism.

This system vastly improves the speaker’s off-axis response (as well as the on-axis response) by shaping a smooth and extended flat high-frequency response over a very wide listening window.
The window, which is directed for optimum imaging, is especially wide for a surround speaker. Counterintuitively, the system points the tweeter away from the listening position.


When listeners are located off of a speaker’s direct axis, the sound they hear is prone to irregular response and lobing.
Lobes are large off-axis dips and peaks in frequency response that cause significant performance problems, resulting in poor sound quality for listeners sitting off-axis—and it is almost a certainty that listeners will sit off-axis relative to the surround channel speakers.


M&K's exclusive Phase-Focused crossover further improves the speaker’s performance by also optimizing more than just the speaker’s on-axis response to give a very smooth response over a wide horizontal and vertical listening window.

While other crossover designers consider just frequency response on one axis (the sweet spot), we consider the speaker's response in both the time and frequency domains, at a very wide range of angles in both the vertical and horizontal planes—thus optimizing the speaker's three-dimensional response and improving its on-axis sound.
This uniquely sophisticated crossover is critically tuned through both psychoacoustic listening analysis and complex computer analysis.
And here’s the benefit: regardless of where the speaker is located in the room, or whether it is oriented horizontally or vertically, listeners will hear superior imaging and sound quality, with remarkable clarity both on and off axis.


Using the same tweeter as M&K's top-of-the-line Satellite speakers, the Surround-550THX achieves exceptional smoothness and clarity of high frequencies.
Other manufacturers’ surround channel speakers typically use drivers of lower quality than those found in their main speakers, resulting in significantly lower sound quality.
Because we use the same drivers in the Surround-550THX, LCR-750THX, and Center-750THX, the complete 750THX system achieves an excellent timbre match and seamless 360 degree sound.

For easy installation, the cabinet has integral mounts for M&K's corner and wall mounting brackets and ST speaker stands (and Omnimounts).
Dimensions are 10 1/4" H x 7" W 8 3/4" D and weight is 9 lbs.

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