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לוח הזדמנויות ציוד
סטריאו וקולנוע ביתי מובחר: קניה, תיווך ומכירה.
בכל מוצרי ההזדמנות אנו עוסקים רק במוצרים שמורים ובמצב טוב מאוד.
בין ההצעות: סטריאו וקולנוע ביתי יד שניה, מוצרים מתצוגה וחדשים לחלוטין.
הרכישה הינה בטוחה ואין עסקה במידה והמוצר אינו תקין/ פגום.
רוצה למכור את הרמקולים שלך? צור עימנו קשר {ראה מידע בתחתית העמוד}.

The Contour S CX utilizes extremely dynamic mid/bass drivers featuring solid aluminium voice coils to offer incredibly high power handling  and remarkable low frequency performance, even in large sized rooms.
The drivers are integrated onto the massive, damped metal front baffle for absolute resonance control in the relatively large cabinet.

Even at high levels, extreme dynamic impulse will be reproduced accurately.
The Contour S CX incorporates the advanced Esotar 2 soft dome tweeter to reproduce the high frequencies,
achieving the highest resolution and purest, most homogenous response as recognized from the Contour S 5.4 model from which this tweeter was derived.
The sheer attention to detail reinforces how strongly Dynaudio requires the same abilities from a center speaker as from the main speakers.

A system integrating the S CX deserves a picture quality and image size to match.
Thus, the S CX is ideally suited to high-grade, large-screen video systems such as projector or plasma based displays.
If the S CX will be used in a setup with a conventional CRT television,
it should be placed at a distance of at least 20 cm (8'') from the TV,
as the magnetic field generated by the strong magnets used in the Esotar 2 soft-dome tweeter cannot be properly shielded without affecting the speaker's performance.
The extraordinarily powerful Neodymium magnets used in the Esotar2 are vital towards achieving the extreme
Dynaudio requirements for no-compromise performance and unlimited dynamics.
It also conveys the nature of the Contour S CX concept:
Finally the multi channel objective is fully realized without compromise.

Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m) 87 dB
IEC Long Term Power Handling 300 W
Impedance (nominal) 4 Ohm
Weight 18 kg
Dimensions (W x H x L in mm) 800 x 193 x 318
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http://www.dynaudio.com/eng/systems/lin ... r_s_cx.php

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